Website Plan

I decided to do a plan of my website, as I wanted my website to have consistency yet showing a unique character through my choice of style, to reflect my character.

I first looked at some websites to get some inspiration for grids and layouts, as this was my first time making a website and I did not know the grid system.

From what I have gathered from this research is that it pretty evident that moving image seems to captivate people; this is something I would like to implement on my own website as it grabs the audience’s attention.


I had a meeting with my fellow peers and tutors and we were discussing on how we could make the website unique to ourselves. I decided that I would make my own logo that represents myself as a person.

website 2.jpeg

I decided to design some logos which were simple and packed a meaningful message behind it.

Design Ideas

I decided to go with the idea where the ‘R’ is reflected as this showed mt quirky side in graphic design, yet still maintaining a simple logo to show all that. The ‘R’ and the ‘B’ fit hand in hand together as they both have a long edge with can sit beside each other quite well, which makes it look

Final logo

I chose this as my final logo as I felt that it represented me best, as I write with a cursive font and I wanted the logo to have a handwritten effect to it.

Plan of Website


I first started off by making different layouts for the website. I looked at the different places I could place my navigation bar, as this is the place where people interact with the website.


From doing the first initial designs, I used that information to make a basic template for myself which can be implemented on each page of the web pages to create consistency.


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 13.29.44.png
Skeleton Grid

For the website, I had to work to a grid which had twelve columns as the skeleton I was using was made with twelve columns to make it responsive on different devices. I found a lot of difficulties while doing this as I was constrained to use the grid while making the website, which was too hard to comprehend with as I am used to being free to do anything in graphic design.


Final Layout

here is the final layout which I went through with.

I used the grid to help me achieve a consistent pattern on the website, as I didn’t want it to look a like a mess of items on the page.

I feel the overall layout is interesting and shows me as a person; from the landing page being quite fun, interesting and bold to the clean design of the website represents me as an individual who enjoys the aspect of work and play.