Web Workshops

Structure Website

Looking at the structure of a website.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 23.17.09.png



We looked at the structure fo the BBC news page. The news page had a basic structure with small number amount of clicks to get to the page you want but, there was a lot of items you had to scroll through to find what you are looking for.

by doing this exercise I could figure out the basic structure of my own website.

We had designed this basic website to get to get grips with a skeleton, as this was the software we would be using to create the website.

Copywriting Lecture.

The copywriting lecture was interesting and very useful, as this helped me to write my about me page, as I found it very difficult to talk about myself in such a positive manner but, this helped me gain confidence in myself and my abilities to go out there and take opportunities with both hands.

“Hi, I’m Ravneet and I am currently a second year Graphic Design student at the Arts University Bournemouth. My interest within Graphic Design lies with interactive design and branding.

When problem solving for a brief, I like to seek inspiration by using unconventional methods, as I deem there is no right path to the final outcome; I enjoy the discoveries that I find along the way, as this boarder my horizons in the Graphic Design industry.

It excites me to work within a group, as I like the combination of skills from others to drive the outcome of the work, rather than one individual, as I believe this makes you stand out from the crowd.

I like to evoke different emotions and feelings of the viewer through my artwork, as I am aware that a selected few of my artwork are thought provoking. My ethos when designing an interactive piece of work is to focus equally on the artwork and artwork being displayed; The coherence of artwork and music creates great harmony.”