Task 4- Visualising Structure

Task 4/1

Brief: Take a fairly complex book, website, poster, or magazine spread and represent the typographic structure without the use of words. You can use any media.

I decided to look at a magazine structure. I used various colour, to represent the layers and the way I saw it first; for example, black is the darkest colour, to show it stood out the most; I did not use all these principals for all aspects of the structure, but just for the typeface itself.


Elle £60
Elle 360.
December elle
Elle December.
page 201
Getting Dressed.
First look
First Look.

I first of all done sketched of the pages. I looked at what popped out on the page for myself, I then proceeded by using different shades of the colour black to represent this data to the viewer.

InDesign Designs.

I then used the sketched to represent this information on InDesign. I used various shapes and outlines to show the structure of the page. I had a lot more control over the tones of various colours on the page, so, therefore, I could give more dimension on what I was seeing first to the viewer.

Task 4/2

Brief: This task requires you to find a text (around 1000 words) and design a page that achieves optimal readability. The page should also have a clear hierarchy of importance with titles, subtitles, text and pull quotes. One last thing, you can only use one size, tone, colour and weight of font.


PDF Typography Task

For this task, I used the typeface Minion Pro, as I felt that it suited the theme of the article of Ice-cream, as it contains san serif, which suits the subject, as ice cream is smooth and flowing like the typeface. I used a font size of 10pt, leading of 12pt, tracking of 20pt.

For all sub-headings, I used a line which was a length of 4.233 mm, this was followed by an indentation for all the sub-headings, which all aligned to the end point of the line. I done this for the reason as it is easier to differentiate the sub-heading, from the heading and body text.

The body text is put into three columns, as this is better for readability, as their eyes will not track across the entire page, but a shorter space, as this, will not cause much strain on people’s eyes. for a long sentence. For the body text I used is justified text with the last line aligned to the left side.