Task 8 – Decontruction

Task 8 Brief:

Using the text and images from your illustrated essay consider another way of presenting this information.

This could take a form of an installation, a 3D object, print or screen based media. You can edit the text and imagery.

Deconstruction of Essay

“The design approach from the designer was that they were using the image to create a story, between the computer and the woman. I would argue that there is a story between the woman, who is designing the building clearly on the computer screen, and then her work becomes reality, as it becomes a part of the countries new development of improving the economy. It can be considered that the woman is the representative of the way young professionals should act, for example, the way she has her hair tied up neatly and a clean face. It can be considered that the woman is being used to get more young people to engage with technology, so, therefore, the country will become a better place for the future generations. The woman’s expression is happy and involved with her work; It could be understood that her expressions are happy as the government wants to show an exciting field of work for the younger generation.”

“The design approach of the background was to add different architectural buildings, in three-point perspective in worm eye view; as that it looks visionary. The use of tall building shows a strong and wealthy economy; they are used to entice the citizens into believing this a better way of living to bring the community together. The design of the building are basic shapes, such as squares and circles, they are used on the building to emulate a motherboard on a computer. The type of medium used to achieve the background of the poster is screen printing; this method makes the poster appear sleek and professional with the basic lines and shapes, achieved with screen printing, this give the poster more a technical feeling to it, as technology is precise in all elements.”

Propaganda Poster


Design Idea
Design Idea’s

I had taken segments from my essay, that I wanted to deconstruct and form into a piece of design. I had come up with different designs. The main idea I had chosen to follow through with was making playing cards; as that I felt that the cards represented the average Korean life in the way of playing cards, as the government is playing with their lives, as their life is set up even before they are born. In my design idea’s I decided to add my essay on the back of the playing card, so, therefore, the user can connect the essay together, but when I began designing this idea, it felt that I wasn’t deconstruction the essay, as I was still showing the whole entirety of the essay, and not deconstructing the segments of it.

I used one of the propaganda posters as inspiration for the main body of the design, as it has buildings on the poster, and I wanted to represent this in my design. For the design, I had the idea of the user making a building with the cards, in particular, the most famous hotel in North Korea, Ryugyong Hotel.

I started off by designing the back of the playing card to fit with the theme that I was going with. I looked different ways of representing buildings, in the way of shapes and placements of shapes. I looked at the Ryugyong Hotel’s shape, as it was an interesting structure, I wanted to use this shape in my design for the back of the card.

North Korea’s Workers Party Flag

For the playing cards, I decided to use different symbols, which I felt suited North Korea More. I decided to use symbols from North Korea’s Workers Party, and also the star symbol which is on the North Korean Flag.

King, Queen, Jack Cards

For the King card, I decided to use Kim Jong Un, as he owns Korea, and he is the highest position in the hierarchy tree. I wanted the sketch to look ruff, as it gave more dimension to card design. I felt the roughness displayed other emotions, for example, his attitude and personality.

I looked at different photographs of Ri Sol-Ju (Kim Jong Un’s Wife), as I found it quite difficult to sketch her, due to a lack of references online. I also drew out Kim Jong-Nam, who is Kim Jong Un’s half brother, for the Jack card.

I decided to draw the Chairman of the Assembly Presidium, as the Jack for the playing cards, as he is the Chairman of the workers party in Korea. I decided to go with the same theme of the type of drawing style for the chairman, as I wanted consistency.

Playing Cards

For the back of the card, I decided to use lines and shapes for the foreground, to emulate the rising sun, as they use this particular design style in a lot of their propaganda posters, and I wanted to utilise this in my designs. I used the national colours of Korea, as I mentioned this in my essay when I was discussing the designs of the propaganda posters. I used the colour blue, red and white, as these are the colours that are associated with North Korea, and I wanted it to come through in my designs.

Here a few examples of the playing cards I have designed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 20.09.19
King of Candles
Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 20.08.56
Ace of Candles


I had changed the back of the card design, so therefore, it would stand out more on the, as the previous design, did not stand out enough. I used the gradient tool on the sun rays, as this type of design is prevalent in North Korean propaganda, as well as East Asian propaganda.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 19.43.16
King of Candles
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 19.43.00
Ace of Candles

PDF of all Playing Cards.

new designs final new

Packaging Design



I was looking at how I could use the symbols from the playing cards in my packaging design. I was looking at how I could include all aspects of the playing card designs, into my packaging design.


As Korea is a black and white country. I wanted to show this in the packaging design with the white colour box, to give a clerical feeling, as I had stated that the particular propaganda poster gave this feeling, as a lot of their jobs are like this.

Template for net playing box
Template For Playing Cards Box

I entered in the sizes I wanted the box to be, keeping in mind that the box needed to slightly larger, so, therefore, the cards could fit in properly. I measured the size of  52 papers on top of each other to get the depth.


I decided to make the title of the playing cards ‘DPRK’ as it stands for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. I used the typeface ‘Print Clearly’ for all texts on the packaging as well as the cards, to create consistently between the pieces of design. I used a line underneath the title of the product, to clearly outline the main text and the body to the user. I simply used ‘build a tower of cards’ for the body text, as I did not want to make it wordy, as it would be confusing. I wanted the concept to be easy to understand, but still getting to the result of why I created this design.

I simply used ‘build a tower of cards’ for the body text, as I did not want to make it wordy, as it would be confusing. I wanted the concept to be easy to understand, but still getting to the result of why I created this design.

I used a lot of white space on the packaging, as I wanted to show that there is a division of North Korea and fellow countries, by the white space I used.

I used the symbols that I used on the playing cards on the front of the packaging design. I retained the colours and shape I used, with little change, as that I felt if I changed the design it would cause a great divide between the designs itself.

I lined up the symbols, main text, body text, and line with each other, as it creates consistency between the different designs on the page, it also makes the design look more professional

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 19.53.25
Packaging Design


With the changes to the back of the card, I decided to change the packaging design, so, therefore, it fitted more with the back of the card design.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 20.07.27.png

I retained the same grid as the previous design, adding the text and objects in the same layout as the previous packaging design; with a few changes of the background, to make a bigger difference in the design.


Packaging design





IMG_6798 copy