Stuart Hilton

Our last lecturer for this unit for text and sequence was with Stuart Hilton. Stuart is a member of FAQ, a directing duo working in commercials, film, content and graphics. He is an independent filmmaker occasionally and also makes music for film occasionally, sometimes playing drums in a band – occasionally. He can be found occasionally lecturing on the Animation BA at UCA Farnham and also, just occasionally, at the NFTVS.

He did a BA in Graphic Design in Liverpool at what is now the John Moores University and did an MA in Animation at the RCA, London.

Stuart Hilton exposed onto 16mm film to create an interesting composition for the videos, which made them very popular with the BBC and Channel 4.

Stuart had shown us a video he had filmed spontaneously, while he was bathing his children. The video was of rubber duck which had been put in endless spiral, I feel the moral of the story was that we must be spontaneous with our ideas and just film as much as we can because it may pay out and create something beautiful.

Here is a video of Stuart Hilton’s son’s brain scan video, in which he added colour and slowed down the frame rate to make more visually interesting.