Storyboard / Flipbook Workshop

We first set off by working on wallpaper, where we had to make the same mark repeatedly in five minutes. I chose to make a swirl pattern, as I felt that it could be repeated easily and as an interesting shape which can be adapted.

We moved around in a clockwise pattern and started to add our shape to other people’s work; we ended up having very interesting shapes and patterns from this.


A pattern I chose to repeat mutiple times.



Orchestra Video

We listened and watched a video where there was an orchestra, and the music slowly progressed to get faster and  faster. We were presented with the task of drawing each frame as fast as possible. This task seemed to very difficult, but was a great learning experience as I found new things about my own drawing skills.



We then worked in groups of two or three, in my case I was working within a group of three. We were presented with the task to storyboard an individual’s journey to university and also another individual’s favourite family function.

Eilidh’s trip to Scotland
Kayleigh’s Journey to University

Flipbook Workshop from Ravneet Bains on Vimeo.

Here is an example of a flip book I made in class, the flipbook shows a ball falling into a hole which leads to unknown.

Workshop Flipbook from Ravneet Bains on Vimeo.