Primary Research

Design Ideas

Here Are some of my ideas for each brief; I initially wanted to explore each brief and see which idea is the strongest and branch off from there to come up with a really strong piece of work.

I decided to start off by doing mind maps for each idea, as I felt this would give myself a lot to work with within the early stages of the process. I also explored how it could look visually, with the idea of using a collage of photographs that I had taken from the internet.



After my talk with Ralph, he had told me to do some visualisations for each of my strongest ideas. Doing this allowed me to think without having too many restrictions as I was I was not thinking about the storyboard, but simply the illustrations styles, colours etc.

Empowering Men – Men’s Mental Health

I had the idea of looking at making men more confident to talk about their health, so I was looking at serene environments that emulated this atmosphere.

Open Brief – Title sequence 

For the open brief, I had chosen to make a title sequence to a BBC programme, which is called ‘Earths Natural Wonders: Living on the Edge’. I reason why I chose this programme was for the reason that it had a lot of scope in which I could do a lot with.

Text & Sequence – Text and Music

I had the idea of making a lyric video, I was looking for visualisations that would go well with this theme.