Mark Chaudoir

Mark Chaudoir is an award-winning director of Commercials, Corporates and Brand films. During his extensive career at the BBC, Red Bee Media and as a freelance director, Mark’s output has been recognised internationally for its creativity and originality winning more than 50 industry awards.

Mark has extensive experience filming football and sports commercials and promotions including major BBC sporting events: World cup promo, BBC Winter Olympics and for commercial clients Castrol’s World Cup campaign, Pepsi and Swissquote. Recently he’s directed commercials for Manchester United’s global brand sponsors, a Manchester City sponsorship film and BWIN spots with FC Bayern Munich and Anderlecht FC.

Mark had given us some useful advice when storyboarding, as this is essential to the success of a video, as you need to plan out everything before filming as you will waste a lot of money time doing these things on the set. An easy way to create storyboards is using imagery; using Photoshop to create a visual is easy and simple to do.

1. Explaining camera angles.
2. Visualise and show movements.
3. Really analysis motion.

Here is an example of a storyboard, which has all the key features Mark expressed in the lecturer.