Final Website

Final Website

The website it fully responsive as the images and text shrink to fit the browser’s size.


I had a made an ident for the beginning of the page which best represented myself as a person. I used my favourite mark making tool, which is a palette knife and I made random marks with my favourite colours to show I am artistic and not afraid to break the rules within the design industry.

for the landing page, I made the ident using my iPhone 6s camera. I had designed a stop motion animation of myself spreading acrylic paint on a piece of paper.

paletteknife (32 of 64).jpg
Palette Knife

I used after effects and adobe lightroom to edit the photographs and video.



Final About me


I added my own mark to the photograph, as I found the photograph too formal and I wanted to make it fun and intriguing. I wanted the photograph to link to the landing page of the website.


Work page.

I made a grid of photographs, as I wanted people to know what they were clicking on before entering the page, as this gives them more of an incentive to click on the webpage.

Life of Pi.
Silver and Green.
Silver and Green.
Contact page.

Overall Thoughts.

The overall thoughts I had throughout this project was if I would have enough time to complete all the work, which was not true as I completed all the tasks on time and too high standard to which I am proud of.

I am satisfied with the photographs of my work, as I have produced digital mockups of everything which makes the website look clean and sleek.

The website proved to be difficult but, it was a great experience as it helped me to get out my comfort zone in graphic design, to just something new.