After coming up with a few storyboards, I decided to make some visual for it, as I was not too sure of the style I would be going for.

I looked at having loose lines to make it look playful, as I felt that Life of Pi had a lot of happy elements in the movie and wanted to represent this by having bright colours and very illustrated work. I felt having the illustration made it seem rustic and playful to go with the theme, I did not want to make it an exact replica as this would make it boring and less enticing to look at.

10-jan-6I made a quick drawing of a tiger in five minutes, as I wanted it to be loose and playful.


I was looking different ways I could represent water in a animation without a overwhelming amount of colour for that particular section, as this could make the animation lose it playfulness.10-jan-26

I was looking at different ways of making a scene; I decided to experiment with watercolours and looking at animals with the similar colours to make a striking effect which would make it quite pleasant to loom at.


I used the same effect for the meerkat, I looked at using the washed out brown and using big tip pen for the meerkat, to make it stand out against the watercolour.