In Mark’s session we started of by looking at Susan Kare, who was a Bitmap artist at Apple in the 80’s who designed many iconic icons, that are still used today.

Susan Kare Iconographer

We first started off by watching a video about Susan Kare.

First Drawings

First Bitmap Drawings

I first started off by looking at items that I had around me, so, therefore, I could make bitmaps of them. I looked at drawing basic shapes, so, therefore, it was easier for me to draw designs later on in the unit.

vogue (5) photo food
Food in Vogue Book

I looked at ‘Food in Vogue’ as my point of reference for the fruits I used in my designs.

Here are some of the pages I looked at for reference.

vogue scan
Vegetables by Months.
vogue scan 1
Vegetables by Months.

I wanted to look at a variety of fruits and vegetables, as I wanted to look at the different shapes and colours, as I wanted a range of different vegetables and fruits.

vogue scan 2
Small Illustration Drawings

On this particular page I looked at the marrow illustration, as I wanted to interpret this in the way of pixels.

Bitmap Designs

I looked further into the items that I could draw. I looked at a book called “vogue food” and found images of different vegetables, which helped me to come up with some designs, as shown above.

32X32 Bitmap Fruit Designs

I decided look at photographs of fruit and vegetables; I designed bitmaps of a chili, grapes, strawberry, marrow and mushroom.


32X32 Bitmap Fruit Designs
All Images are Property of their Respective Owners.
All Images are Property of their Respective Owners.
All Images are Property of their Respective Owners.
All Images are Property of their Respective Owners.

Hand Drawn Drawings

Designs final
32X32, 16X16 Bitmap Fruit Designs

These were my final designs for my bitmap art. I done 32X32 and 16×16 bitmap designs, as this is what was required in the brief.

I designed a computer software, which allowed me to design my bitmap designs on the computer accurately.


I made these icons, using the software I created; I done 32X32 bitmap designs, as this is what Susan Kare did while she was working at Apple.

I designed different kinds of vegetables and fruit, as I wanted different shapes and colours to play around with.

I chose the marrow as that the shape was different to all the other vegetables I was making into bitmaps. I had designed the strawberry in many different ways, as I felt that it could be improved in many different ways.

Hamma Beads

I started off by making the strawberry, but my teacher had told me it could be improved, so, I made a crown for the leaves and I also added a variety of shades of green.

I did not have a peach for the mushroom, so, I decided to use the colour pink, as it was the similar colour i could find, I had got some feedback on my mushroom, and I was told to change the stool colour and shape to make it look more like a mushroom; I have done my final designs below, based on the comments I received from both my peers and teachers.

hamma beads mark
14X14 Hamma Bead Designs. Mushroom and a Strawberry

I chose to make a strawberry and mushroom out the hama beads. I had a limit of using 4 colours for each design.