Design Outcomes

First scene

For the first scene, I looked at many ways I could create the pool. Here is an example of my work.


Here is an example of my work.

I first started off by making the pool, I wanted the pool to be an ariel shot, as I wanted to show Pi in the swimming pool swimming. I first looked at adding an actual shot of a water moving around, as the found the light rays reflected on the water made it look serene; I changed the transparency levels to hard light, as I wanted the colour pink to show through, as this made the scene look playful and hypnotic.


I then added pi to the scene where he was swimming, I wanted to make Pi look as if he was swimming underneath the water, hence why he is darker in colour.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 21.23.39.png

For the character Design, I looked at an actual reference to the actor who played Pi in the ‘Life of Pi’ as I felt this would help with the skin tones and amongst other things. I chose to make the shorts a turquoise colour, as I felt this with contrast against the pink and would match the background of the pool scene, as I didn’t want too many colours in one particular scene, as I would go against my own guidelines.


I would definitely say the first scene had a lot of experimentation which paved the way for the other scenes in the title sequence; I had figured out the particular illustration style I would be going for, which I would use throughout my work as this creates consistency.

For the final scene, I used a watercolour background for the base of pools water to give it a wave effect, with the addition of adding lines for the ripples in the water. For the lines, I added different thickness and line types, as I wanted to make a subtle difference between them. I added a gradient to the background.


Colour pink: The symbolism of pink in Indian culture is love. Pink is associated with love, which also branches off into mysterious as well, I feel this colour works well in this particular scene, as pi is swimming to somewhere new finding new things he may love and hate.

Second Scene

For the second scene, I looked at having a teacup, which plays around with the theme of India and France, as Pondicherry is a french town in India. I wanted to play around with the idea of having teacup and having commotion in the cup, which would make it seem hypnotic and playful at the same time. The teacup uses juxtaposition to create a stark contrast between water and the sea.

A traditional tea cup.
Glass teacup
Final Scene

For this final tea cup scene, I decided to make the teacup glass, as I have been to India many times and it seems like the norm to drink out of a glass teacup, this also worked well for me as the viewer is able to see what is happening in the glass. Initially, I wanted to pan over into the glass but, I found this rather difficult to achieve but I am happy with the outcome, as the rest of the animation is very static in its movements. I kept this scene consist with my guidelines of using the lines for the steam and also using a watercolour background for the water in the glass.


Yellow is the colour of knowledge and learning. It symbolises happiness, peace, meditation, competence and mental development. It is the colour of spring and activates the mind. Lord Vishnu’s dress is yellow symbolising his representation of knowledge.

Third Scene

For the third scene, I looked making the particular scene tranquil and a serene environment, as it can seem quite disruptive with the tiger. I used the idea of having a sunset and tiger together to create consistency in the particular scene.

Here is a time-lapse video of me drawing the tiger on Adobe illustrator for the animation.

Tiger Time Lapse Drawing from Ravneet Bains on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 15.21.18.png
Final Scene

For the final scene, I added some light rays which would make the scene come to life as it would seem as if you were on the water. I kept with the guidelines by using the lines for the water. I also used a watercolour background for the raft, as I did not want to have a traditional raft but, make something that is hypnotic and playful for the audience.

Fourth Scene

For the fourth scene, it directly transitions from the scene before; in this particular scene, the stars are playing with the idea of Hinduism and the God Krishna who had stars in his mouth. I was playing around this idea, as Krishna was known as a cheeky boy who would get scolded but, underneath all of that he was kind natured boy

Image result for krishna universe in mouth
Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 15.40.33.png
Stars in the sky.

For the fourth scene, I used the same speckled background, I added various sizes of white circles to create the stars in a cool illustrative way. The final outcome of this would be moving slowly to replicate the actual solar systems.

Fifth scene

For the fifth scene, I looked at a lotus flower opening up, which I felt would be a strong piece in the title sequence, as the Lotus flower has strong connotations with Hinduism.

Here are the screenshots I took off the lotus flower time-lapse video

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Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 15.48.37.png
Lotus Flower
Image result for lotus flower hindu
Goddess Lakshmi

For this scene, I drew out each scene of the lotus flower. I kept within my guidelines by using the watercolour background for the lotus flower. I used the same line style for the edges of the lily pad to create consistency with each of my scenes.

The lotus flower has strong ties with Hinduism and India. First of all the lotus flower in the national flower of India. I chose the lotus flower as the one before the title scene, as I felt i showed a new journey into life and happiness. In the Hindu belief, pink is the highest and most sacred colours, and lotus flower mythology states that within each person is the Spirit of a Sacred Lotus. The Bhagavad Gita speaks of the need to strive to be like the lotus blossom, pure of heart so that the muck of earthly-matters do not cling to us.

Final Scene

For the final scene I decided to break away from my guidelines to create something different from the rest of the scenes but, still connecting the together in subtle way.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 16.10.37.pngscreen-shot-2017-01-11-at-16-14-05

I connected the final scene to all the other scenes by using all the colours I used in the previous scenes to reveal the text, I thought this was subtle and interesting way to reveal the text.

Post Production 

I decided to make one video with text, as I wanted to see the difference between the tradition title sequence and my take on one.