Animation Workshop

In this workshop, we worked on making two stop-motion videos as well as scratching onto a film.

The scratching on was a pleasant experience, it allowed me to look at the project in another perspective, as I was thinking very one dimensional as I started the project, but doing this exercise allowed me to be more free and open with my ideas.

Here is a few example of the work I produced.



I looked how I could represent a boat in the water, I used the idea of line drawings, I also used various colours to create a good contrast of the water.


In the second part of the workshop, we were faced with the task of making two stop motion animation of our choice, using the material we want. I chose to use the clay, as I felt that I could create something that looks realistic yet that looks colourful and playful, as these are connotation people have with clay.

Ice cream melting stop motion from Ravneet Bains on Vimeo.

This was my own animation I created by myself. I looked at making a simple yet effective piece of video which showed an Ice Cream melting.

Paint box Spilled over from Ravneet Bains on Vimeo.

This a collaborative piece of work along with Eilidh Smith and Zina Nguyen. We decided to keep with the fun and playful connotation clay has, and we decided to make a piece of work which shows a bucket that falls over and balls come out one by one and then the balls being put back in the bucket in a fast action.

I photoshopped each frame, as we did not want a hand to appear in the end scene, as it may hinder the video. I chose music for both of the animation as I felt it would give the animation a new dimension, as people are going to be inclined to watch the video with sound.