In Amanda’s session we discussed languages, cultures of typography, and perspective drawings.

Amanda 1
Lesson Notes
amanda 2
Lesson Notes
2 point perpective
Two Point Perspective Drawing

In Amanda’s session we had done a collaboration piece of work, which looked at languages and cultures as a whole, as our class has many international students, which made the project very diverse and interesting as a whole.

I decided to use my mother tongue language that I can speak, which is Punjabi, so, therefore, I decided to add words in Punjabi.

amanda 3
Five Point Perspective drawing
amanda 4
Typeface Ideas
amanda 5
Typeface Ideas
amanda 6
Typeface Ideas

These are some of my design ideas.

Korean drawing typeface
Final Design – Korean Typeface

For my final design I designed my own typeface, which looked at the Korean language, as I can read it, and it was a language I was interested in, so it made the task much more enjoyable for myself.