I had a group tutorial with Ralph to discuss my ideas and where I may go from there. It was really helpful to discuss with Ralph along with others, as they put across their ideas, which makes it helpful as they have a different perspective from yourself, which can open you up to new things.

10 jan 22.jpeg


I took a lot of things Ralph had told me and I decided to look at various things in the movie, for example, the colour scheme and the particular scene that talks to me in the movie.

This particular research helped me to come up with ideas for my storyboard.


11 jan.jpeg
Storyboard One


With this storyboard, I looked at making a sort of tranquil title sequence as water can be calming and I wanted this to reflect on my storyboard.

What I was told was to forget about the other title sequences that I had seen previously and create my own sort algorithm for it, so, therefore, I decided to just have an impactful ending in the title sequence by just having the name of the movie, as I want the viewer to have a hypnotic experience while watching the title sequence.

More storyboards


Here is an additional storyboard I made which I thought would go well for the title sequence.


Final Storyboard11-jan-4

This is my final storyboard for my title sequence.

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