Poster Design

We were given a Maths task each. We had come up with a solution to the problem we faced. The end result of the task would be that we will have one A2 poster, that looks at using shapes, with a minimal amount of word, to explain the theory of how we solved the problem and came up with a solution.


I first had to come up with a method on how to solve this maths problem. I had decided that the circle fit directly in the square, I then concluded that the two large bold dots measured up to half a centimetre, I then used this information to solve the next part of the problem, of figuring out the length of one side of square. I placed the two bold dots on the line, I then figured out how many dots are in a centimetre, to get the length of the line. From this information, I could figure out the circumference, by doing (π X 7).

Theory One
theory 2
Refined Theory

I did attempt other theories, which did not work out, as I did not have enough information to find a solution for the problem, whilst solving the problem.


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