Poster Design – Task 2 and 3

I first started experimenting with different transparency modes, on InDesign, as this is one way of showing fast movement in space.

Experimentation on InDesign.


I started looking at how I could apply some of my theories into my design, through my experimentation.



Theory of design.
Refining Ideas.
Coming up with a theme.


Design Ideas.




I first set off by sketching out ideas for the design. I wanted to refine down the solution, to simple formulae which can easily be understood by others.


First Draft of designs.

dafts 55
I made this design, to eliminate the Pi symbol (π), as well as showing the movement of how the circle is placed in the square.
first draft one
I used the circle at different levels, to show movement into the square.
draft  1 but3
I used geometry, to show a flower, and how the circle fits directly into that square.
Count diameter time new
I used the circle at different levels, to show movement into the square.

Second Draft.

From the first set of designs, I wanted’ improve some of design’s, but also create new designs.

count two dfat
I changed the way I used the typeface. I added a bold white circle to represent diameter.
count two distressed draft
I added a distressed background, to give it more dimension.
count drfat 22
I changed the colours, as I felt that these colour stood out more. I also changed the typeface, I added a line through the ‘O’ to make it look like diameter.
poster drat 2
I changed the colours, to make it easier to identify the square and circle.

At first I was really struggled to make something unique, for my design, I kept on talking about circles, and then I thought about the solar system, so, therefore, I made the solar system to represent my theory.

Final Designs

Space with Space ship final
Circumference – Solar System Design

The idea of the poster is the follow the circles, as they go round the solar system, for example, to start the smallest moon to the largest moon, and then count the dots, to get the length of line; which then tells you to use the diameter (Saturn) and times (stars) by PI (the sun), which is the core of the solution.

For the final design, I changed the typeface, so, therefore, it suited more of the solar system theme. I used various sizes for the moon and opacity levels, to show the movement of the moon that fits into the square. The moon that fits into the square is the brightest, as it shows that it has stopped moving. I added a spaceship, as it went with the theme of the design.

PDF: Space with Space ship

count drfat 22
Circumference – COUNT

The idea of the poster is the follow the circles, as they move across into the square, and then you count the dots of the length of one side of the square to get your circumference. I added a small amount of information on the poster to give the reader more of an understanding of what is required to do.

PDF: Count Diameter New Ravneet

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