Type Studies Two

On our first session back we had an discussion about our work, and from that information I gathered that I would go in the direction of Human Rights; more specifically Child Labour.

Feedback Form


I had done some research on the project, as I wanted to a get a better understanding on the project I was undertaking.


New Designs

From the new research I gathered, I decided to choose a new word would be in order; I decided to choose the word “Voiceless” as is went with my theme of Child Labour, as many children felt voiceless, and no one could hear them.

I used various materials to try and recreate the word “Voiceless”. I used thread, as I felt that it was the most appropriate for my theme, as I felt it emulated the children’s jobs in sweatshop factories.

I used fabric glue and doubled up black thread.
I used fabric glue and doubled up black thread.
threaded background
I used various types of thread to create this background.
Voiceless blue threaded not
Voiceless threaded in various shades of blue.

When I had a group discussion about my work. i was told that ‘in order to be voiceless there needed to be a voice there before’, so, I was told I needed some sort of ghosting; which I had done in my next experiment.

Voiceless blue thread
Voiceless threaded in various shades of blue.


I started to play around with my handmade designs on computer design software.

Threaded background, and a play on logo's
Threaded background, and a play on logo’s

I started to play around with logos and slogans, of companies that use child labour to complete their jobs. I used PhotoShop to design this; I first looked at the companies logos and slogans to get a good idea of what and how they are selling their products to the market. I used this information to come up with a design, that plays with their slogans.

Information Side of The Poster

I used the word ‘VOICELESS’ as an acronym for the leaflet side of the poster. I used each letter to show an aspect of child labour. I done research on the subject, so, therefore, I had a substantial amount of knowledge to to do this task.

poster design designs
Information on Child Labour.

I added a brief about each point at the top in bold font in comparison to the larger text, which is not in bold. I made the title letter slightly larger than everything else, so, therefore, it was easy to differentiate it for the word.

poster design designs9
Information on Child Labour.

I decided to add the title at the bottom of the page, and add the first letter of the title in the form of a thread design that I had done. I felt that the first design had a lot of writing, and wouldn’t engage the user as I would want; so, therefore, I just added the brief of the subject.

poster design designs6
Voiceless Background

I used my ‘Voiceless’ typeface design, that I had done in Type Studies One. I used different layers and sizes, and opacity to give it a different dimensions.

poster design designs8
Voiceless Poster Design – One

I added the threaded voiceless on top of the background design. The threaded voiceless was scanned through onto the computer, I then used image trace, and changed the opacity of on the of the designs, to give it a illusion of a drop shadow, and that it is also getting cut open, as there is a slit in the middle of the poster.

poster design designs7
Voiceless Poster Design – Two

I decided to use the white space, so, therefore, the voiceless was alone and no one there listen to them.

poster design designs5
Voiceless Poster Design – Three

I used my thread background, and added a white background on top to make the colours not as bright as they are. I added a the black threaded voiceless design on top.

poster design designs4
Voiceless Poster Design – Four

I used the previous design, but I made the design black and white, as I felt that they were very bright and overpowering.

poster design designs3
Voiceless Poster Design – Five

I decided to add a lot of leading between each word

poster design designs2
Voiceless Poster Design – Five
poster design blog3
Voiceless Poster Design – Six
poster design blog
Voiceless Poster Design – Seven
poster design blog2
Voiceless Poster Design – Eight

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